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Are you saving money going electronic – or just wasting time

The reports are in and the response rate of direct mail compared to email alone is alarming. Many organizations have switched to e-campaigns, only to find the money they saved led to minuscule response rates and lost revenue. Email can be effective to reinforce or enhance a mail campaign (and we can help!). Whether generating revenue, donations or simply awareness direct mail is still the best return on your investment.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

The logical next step. When you think highquality print and design services, think Allegra. Now, expand your thinking and consider our mailing services. After all, once we’ve printed your direct mail materials, the logical next step is distribution. We offer convenient, economical mailing services that include:

  • Postal design – conforming to regulations
  • Mailing lists – Designed to your
  • customer’s demographics
  • Tabbing, folding, collating, inserting
  • and sealing
  • CASS certification – address verification
  • Direct addressing and bar coding
  • Sorting/delivering to post office

In short, we can design, print and distribute your mail campaign – and all of your other materials – with one easy phone call. To say it another way, Allegra delivers.

Statistics don’t lie.

How well direct mail works depends on how well you know your customer. Want more responses? Add more customization:

  • Generic black-and-white pieces yield a response rate of less than 1%.
  • Using a customer’s name increases response rates by 44%.
  • Combining color with names increases response to a whopping 135%.
  • A highly personalized color mailing can increase response by 500%.

Make sure your list is fresh.

At least 65 percent of direct mail’s effectiveness is in the list. If you have a customer database, start there. If you want to expand, talk to us about custom lists. If you need detail, say a list with buying habits as well as general demographics, expect to pay more. But you can anticipate a better response when you use a more expensive list.

Design for the reader.

Remember the 2.5 seconds you have to catch your customer’s attention? Unless customers have good reasons to stay involved, you’ll lose them.
A well-designed and organized piece helps guide readers through the document. Bold, strategically placed colored subheads highlight important points. Images, charts and bullet points can draw a reader’s attention to the details you want to highlight. Want to make sure your direct mail piece is read? Keep it as interesting as possible and make the important information easy to find. Benefits to using color:

  • keeps a reader’s attention up to 82% longer
  • improves comprehension by up to 80%
  • sells ideas 88% more successfully

Make the right offer

There’s nothing harder to say “no” to than a good deal. In direct mail campaigns that’s even more true. In general, 25-30 percent of a direct mail piece’s effectiveness depends on the offer. Make sure yours is a good one and of value to the one receiving it.

Customizing considerations

Instead of talking at your customers, you can talk with them. Variable data allows you to not only address them by name, but by points of interest. If you have several target markets, versioned printing can help you get your message out without having to create new materials. You can tailor your mailings to make custom offers, include targeted color photographs and, basically, expand your sales team. Here are the benefits:

  • causes response rates to jump dramatically
  • helps build long-term relationships
  • turns your customer database into a powerful sales tool