by Jessica Eng at on March 24

A landmark study by Millward Brown found that when people interact with something that can be touched and felt, the content leaves a “deeper footprint” on the brain. This suggests that printed marketing messages are understood and remembered more readily than digital messages. That may explain why 70 percent say that mail is more personal than electronic communications.

Interestingly, the power of print is not confined to one demographic. An estimated 92 percent of young shoppers say that direct mail is their preferred means of receiving advertisements when making buying decisions. Adults under the age of 24 are actually the most responsive to direct mail. This could explain how specialty papers in print can maximize your marketing.

Three Tips to Add Power to Your Campaigns

  1. Integrate your print marketing with digital channels.

    For example, your print materials can include information about your Web properties, such as your company website and Facebook profile. You can also include QR codes or other three-dimensional barcodes to drive recipients to visit certain pages on your website, like a registration page for an event, or to a campaign-specific landing page for more information and special offers.

  2. Be consistent online and off.

    Your print materials should use the same language, colors and branding as the rest of your marketing content, both on and offline. These consistencies help readers and viewers connect your marketing messages, regardless of the environment where they encounter you first.

  3. Elevate print’s impact with specialty papers and finishing techniques.

    A wide range of specialty printing techniques and specialty papers can help you to cut through the clutter and reach your target markets. Textured papers, spot varnishes, die cuts and interesting folds all serve to make your mail piece more involving. In some cases, they are best reserved for targeted outreach, like an event invitation or special offer to a specific subset of customers or prospects, to be the most economical.

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