Consider Recycled Papers To Protect The Environment

Friday marks Earth Day’s 46th anniversary, a global event now celebrated by more than a billion people every year. It’s an annual reminder of how each of us contributes to health and well-being of our planet – and the things we can be thinking about all year long as we make choices that impact our environment.

Two Sides North America is celebrating Earth Day with the release of a new infographic that shows How Paper is Made. Among the key facts illustrated: Paper is one of the most recycled materials in the world today, with recovery rates of 65% and higher in North America.

As a business communicator, you have many marketing channels available to you and important goals to reach. You can choose print communications to be part of your mix … and feel good about it. Having a partner that knows what’s essential to you and your brand image makes the choices easy.

Allegra can help. Every step of the way, we can guide you to better choices in design (a two-sided flyer rather than two single-sided sheets), printing (recycled papers or sheet sizes that reduce trimming), mailing list sourcing (targeted campaigns that define your market and eliminate the waste and expense associated with “blanketed” mailings) and much more.

Happy Earth Day from your friends at Allegra!

Happy Earth Day from the Allegra of Tucson team!

Originally posted by Jessica Eng on April